Last few days to show support for safe cycling in Enfield

Cycle Enfield

Enfield Council are asking people what they think of plans for the first mini-Holland scheme, which would create safe space for cycling from Palmers Green to Enfield Town. It’s really important that as many people as possible show they support the scheme. You don't have to live in Enfield to respond to the consultation - it's open to everyone. It’s easy to have your say through the council’s online survey - but you must do so before 9th October.

Respond to the consultation

Enfield Cycling Campaign have been working hard to show support for the plans, handing out leaflets and talking to cyclists and shoppers, attending and speaking at the public meetings organised by David Burrowes MP and securing media coverage. Darren Johnson, Green Party member of the London Assembly, will be visiting Enfield to cycle around the area with Enfield Cycling Campaign on Tuesday 6th October. There’s also been lots of social media support for the scheme, through Twitter and the We Support Enfield mini-Holland Facebook group. A small but vocal minority have been opposing the scheme so it’s important that we show as much support as possible for these plans, which would make Enfield a better place for everybody. Not only will the plans benefit those who cycle or who would like to cycle, but taking steps to reduce the amount of motor traffic along this route will make it a much more pleasant environment for people on foot - and businesses will benefit too. Research has shown that investing in making places better for walking and cycling can boost footfall and trading by up to 40%.

When you respond to the council's survey, it starts with a question on the 'Scheme overall' section, which allows you to give your thoughts on the plans in general. You might want to mention that you support the proposals because making it safer and more inviting to cycle in Enfield will mean many more people will be able to enjoy the benefits of cycling; because it will help tackle congestion and air pollution, or because investing in cycling is great for local business.

Scheme overall

If you like, you can then respond to each section of the scheme in more detail. We've provided information about what we think about each section of the scheme here