LCC advises the mayor how to plan for a truly liveable city

Suburb of Vauban, Freiburg, Germany

photo 5000 people live carfree in the sustainable suburb of Vauban in Freiburg, Germany  

A flagship car-free property development should be built in London to show the public that living car-free can be a benefit, not a burden.

This is one of the key ideas in LCC's response to the mayor's 'New Plan for London’ consultation, which covers planning in London.

Chief executive Koy Thomson said, "We're responding to the fact that many Londoners don’t own a car [40% of households are car-free], but no-one has the choice to enjoy living in a family-friendly car-free environment."

"Car-free developments still give people access to motor vehicles through car clubs if they need them, but parking is kept away from homes and streets. Mobility is planned around bikes and feet."

Sensible planning for a more liveable city
Other measures demanded include mandatory cycle parking standards for new residential, retail and service developments, and for the London Cycle Network to be properly developed as a healthy travel network.

The messages came as part of the official response to the mayor's ‘New Plan for London’, in which LCC calls for London's transformation into a great walking and cycling city.

Carfree settlements exist already
A model car-free development exists in the suburb of Vauban in the city Freiburg, Germany, where 5000 people live. For more info on global carfree urban environments visit carfree locations.

'New Plan for London’ consultation, which affects planning, is one of three major consultations to which LCC is responding. The other two consultations cover transport and economic development.