LCC and CTC groups support appeal against conviction of inconsiderate cycling

Daniel Cadden, the cyclist who was convicted of inconsiderate cycling and fined £100 and £200 in costs whilst riding in accordance with the National Standards for cycle training, has decided to appeal against his conviction.

Cycling organisations across the country are supporting Cadden’s appeal, which has ramifications for all cyclists. The Cyclists’ Defence Fund (CDF), the independent charity founded by CTC to address issues concerning cycling and the law, has confirmed that it will support a re-trial. Thousands of pounds have been pledged to the CDF by cyclists keen to show their solidarity with Cadden. Hampshire Cycle Training is donating 10% of all the organisation’s training fees for two months to the CDF, and East London campaign group Tower Hamlets Wheelers is just one LCC borough group which has pledged support, raising £325 for the CDF via a cycle trailer auction.

The CTC member was approaching a roundabout when police stopped him and claimed that his position in the centre of the lane was forcing cars to – illegally – cross the solid white line in the middle of the road.

The use of the middle of the lane is otherwise known as the primary riding position, which Cyclecraft, the book published by The Stationery Office on skilled riding techniques, states ‘should be your normal riding position when you can keep up with traffic, or when you need to prevent following drivers from passing you dangerously.”

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