LCC and leading transport organisations call for sustained cycling and walking investment

LCC has helped co-ordinate a concerted call for sustained investment in cycling and walking projects. 

Along with CTC, Sustrans, the Campaign for Better Transport, and Living Streets, LCC has written the following letter to the Evening Standard:


Dear Editor

At a time when budgets are being reviewed and pressure is being applied to support Crossrail and other large scale transport investment, let’s not forget the significant benefits of the much smaller yet highly cost-effective Mayoral investments in walking and cycling programmes. 

However good public transport is, Tube and Crossrail passengers still need to disembark into a pleasant and safe walking environment to complete their journeys.

And, as Barclays demonstrates through its sponsorship of Cycle Superhighways and Cycle Hire, London’s business community recognises the role cycling already plays in keeping London moving.

The cost of sedentary lifestyles to the country is high, with estimates that obesity will cost the UK more than £30 billion per year by 2050, while motor traffic congestion costs London an estimated £2 billion annually.

Increasing walking and cycling offers easy and flexible solutions to the transport needs of a city whose population is expected to grow by a million by 2026.

Current investment is already paying off: cycling has more than doubled in the seven years since cycling programmes came on stream.

And there are thousands more Londoners who would like to cycle: surveys show that one in three of us are considering cycling.

If investment in cycling and walking is sustained, there is every prospect of exceeding the mayoral target of 5% of journeys made by bike, and increasing walking significantly.

In the Borough of Sutton cycling levels increased by 75% in just two years. Walking schemes, such as the school based Walk Once A Week initiative, have been shown to raise walk-to-school levels significantly above the national average at a fraction of the cost of larger traffic management initiatives and infrastructure projects.

Londoners deserve a beautiful and people-friendly city. Investment in walking and cycling will not only enable individuals to benefit it will create the cleaner, healthier, less polluted and congested capital we all want.

Yours Sincerely


Koy Thomson
Chief Executive, London Cycling Campaign

Tony Armstrong
Chief Executive, Living Streets

Roger Geffen
Campaigns & Policy Director, CTC, the national cyclists' organisation

Carl Pittam
London Director, Sustrans

Stephen Joseph
Executive Director, Campaign for Better Transport