LCC and ofo partner to get more Londoners cycling


London Cycling Campaign (LCC) is pleased to announce an exciting partnership with bike sharing company ofo which strives to get more people across the capital cycling.

LCC’s expert cycling advocates will advise ofo to help best meet the needs of London’s cyclists, councils and wider community.

ofo co-founder Zhang Yanqi recently announced his ambition to boost the number of journeys made in London from current levels of 2% to more than 30%, in order to make cycling even more popular than it is in Amsterdam. To do this he plans to roll-out up to 150,000 bikes across the capital, and will rely on LCC’s expert guidance.

The company has already launched with 1,000 bikes in Hackney, Islington and the City of London, as well as Cambridge, Oxford and Norwich outside of the capital.

The LCC Cycling Projects team will work strategically with ofo to help plan at a local level as to where and how cyclists want to access a bike sharing scheme. LCC will engage with its members and supporters at a local level to help build a successful bike share model.

Over coming months LCC’s Cycling Projects team will also work with ofo to organise a number of events to target new and returning cyclists. These events will combine LCC’s expertise in cycling advocacy in London and ofo’s large fleet of state-of-the-art dockless hire bikes. For example, LCC and ofo are exploring the opportunity to place 200 bikes in West London Colleges as part of the charity’s Student Champion project.

Both organisations will also work together to offer LCC membership to ofo’s registered users, including benefits such as liability insurance.  A number of tailored offerings will be made available over coming months.

Ashok Sinha, Chief Executive of LCC, said: “It’s hugely exciting for the London Cycling Campaign to be partnering with an innovative and responsible company like ofo. The potential market for cycle hire in London is huge, and we look forward to working with ofo to enable many more Londoners to enjoy the convenience and enjoyment of getting around by bike.”

Joseph Seal-Driver, Operations Director for ofo UK, said: “This partnership will provide ofo with valuable expertise, while benefiting London and LCC by bringing a valuable and much needed service to the city. Together we will be able to transform the way that Londoners travel, getting more people cycling to slash pollution, ease congestion and boost health.

“We’re determined to be a responsible, ethical and sustainable operator. We employ staff directly and pay them the London Living Wage, hire local bike shops to maintain our fleet and only enter boroughs once we have permission from the local authority.”