LCC Annual General Meeting 2007

LCC staff and volunteers

Mayor Ken Livingstone was the special guest speaker at the London Cycling Campaign Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, October 16 2007.

On the evening of Tuesday October 16, London Cycling Campaign held its Annual General Meeting at City Hall. The event featured a guest presentation by London Mayor Ken Livingstone.

The meeting also provided an opportunity to meet LCC’s recently appointed chief executive Koy Thomson.

Agenda for the evening

Registration: 5.30pm
Guest presentation, Mayor Ken Livingstone: 6pm-6.30pm
London Cycling Awards: 6.45pm-7.30pm
Break for refreshments: 7.30pm-8pm
AGM 8pm-9pm

AGM Agenda

a) Introduction
b) Apologies for absence
c) Minutes of the previous AGM
d) Board and Committee reports and questions
e) Staff report and questions
f) Approval of Accounts
g) Appointment of auditors
h) Election of Board members
i) Members’ motions
j) Any other urgent business

London Cycling Awards

The London Cycling Awards were presented by community cycling hero Liz Bowgett. Categories were: Best Cycle Facility, Best Community Cycling Initiative, Best Cycling Initiative for Young People or Children and Best Workplace Cycling Initiative.

Nominations to the Board

Four nominations for the Board were received for five vacancies. The four nominees were Ian Callaghan, Jon Hoare, Theresa Hoenig and David Love. These four nominees were elected unopposed in accordance with the LCC governing documents.

Motions to the AGM

Motions to amend Clause 4.2 of the Constitution (Membership)

1. For some years LCC has offered membership to students, the unemployed and the retired at a concessionary rate. This has resulted in a number of students joining LCC who are under 18. The constitution currently states that only individuals 18 or over can be members of LCC. This motion amended the constitution to remove this anomaly. The wording in clause 4.2 (a) was changed from “any individual aged 18 or over” to “any individual”.

Proposed: Andy Cawdell
Seconded: Ruth Chapple

2. LCC now offers family membership. However, the articles (part of the LCC legal documentation) only allowed for individuals or organisations. This motion therefore sought to add a category of membership at 4.2 (c) to cover family membership and any other class of membership approved by the Board.

An additional sub-clause 4.2 (c) was inserted in the constitution. This sub-clause reads “The Board may approve any other form or class of membership consistent with the aims and objectives of LCC and subject to the same conditions as individual members at 2.4 (a)”

Proposed: Andy Cawdell
Seconded: Ruth Chapple

Chair's Report

The Chair's Report can be downloaded using the link on the right.