LCC 'Beat The Thief' campaign tackles stolen bike crisis

LCC has launched a major theft campaign to coincide with the seasonal increase in stolen bikes. The year-on-year rises in bike theft must be tackled.

LCC's eight-point campaign plan


1. Creation of a police anti-theft squad
A dedicated police team must tackle cycle theft, engaging in pro-active ‘stings’ to find persistent offenders and gangs.

2. Tougher action against selling stolen on websites
Websites need tough rules on ID, and sellers must be made to provide real photos and frame numbers.

3. Code of practice for bike shops
Bike shops must make proper checks on seller ID and bike provenance. A new code of practice will enable those that sign up to it to demonstrate their good standards.

4. Tougher action against street markets
Well-known locations for selling stolen bikes such as Brick Lane market must be policed much more aggressively.

5. A central repository for recovered bikes
A central location where people could recover stolen bikes would make it easier to unite owners with the large number of bikes that are recovered.

6. Regular stakeholder meetings
Cyclists, police and politicians must meet regularly to ensure that cycle theft is given sufficiently high priority.

7. Increasing secure parking provision
Thousands more secure cycle parking spaces need to be built for homes, estates, shops, educational institutions, workplaces and transport hubs.

8. Better education for cyclists
Cyclists must be given sensible information to help them protect their bikes, such as registering the frame number online, buying insurance, and using strong locks. They also need tips on avoiding buying stolen bikes.

Video Barry Mason of Southwark Cyclists, the LCC group in the borough, shows you how to best lock your bike.

LCC has launched a major theft campaign to coincide with the seasonal increase in stolen bikes and help tackle the year-on-year rises in the problem.

The police, the mayor, Transport for London, local councils, websites, bike shops, and cyclists themselves are all being engaged in efforts to reduce the problem.

A recent survey of London cyclists has shown the desperate need for action, with 80% of cyclists reporting having had at least one bike stolen.


As can be seen in the video, what locks you use, and how you lock your bike make a massive difference to how vulnerable it is.


Do it wrong, and you could lose all or part of your bike in a few seconds.

Do it right, and your bike should be secure, saving you money and hassle.

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