LCC rider's bike wins Tweed Run Award


A rare Dursley Pedersen, ridden by an LCC member, won the Brooks Best Vintage Bike Award at the 2015 Tweed Run. 

The cycle dates from 1910 and was created  by  Danish inventor  Mikael Pedersen. Pedersen found bike saddles of the time uncomfortable so he first invented his own knitted saddle. Becasue it didn't fit on contemporary bikes he decided to devise a completely new cycle design. Made entirely of narrow thin tubes the cycle provides comfort on uneven roads. Pedersen's were ridden competitively and one variation was designed to be collapsible for use by the military. The very rare ladies version had a step through frame. The cycle also includes Pedersen's other cycling invention a very early three speed hub. 

The Tweed Run is a hugely popular annual event that gathers tweed enthusaists from around the world to ride though central London on new and old cycles dressed in impeccable style.