LCC calls on London Assembly to back motion calling for £41 million increase in cycling budget

The London Cycling Campaign has contacted its 12,000 members and 40,000 supporters asking them to write to their London Assembly Members in support of a budget increase for cycling next year of £41 million.


LCC chief executive Ashok Sinha said, “We urge all Assembly Members to support this motion, so the city can properly invest in the Continental-standard cycling facilities that the electorate said so clearly was a priority during the 2012 mayoral election.”

Assembly Members will vote on Monday 24 February 2013 on a motion proposed by AM Jenny Jones, which calls on Boris Johnson to increase cycling spending from £104 million to £145 million.

The increase would bring Transport for London spending into line with the recommendations made by the London Assembly in 2012 in its Gearing Up report.

The extra £41 million would also see cycling spending reach 2% of the TfL budget, which is the same percentage as journeys made by bicycle in the capital.

A vote on a similar proposal 10 days ago was supported by Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green AMs, with the Conservative group abstaining.

However, the amended motion to be voted on next week puts forward new proposals as to where the extra funding can be found: from a combination of projected Transport for London savings and reserves.

In the past, significant TfL budget savings (totalling hundreds of millions of pounds) have been put exclusively into road and public transport projects.