LCC comment on cyclist's conviction over fatality

Most of the press and media have covered the conviction and sentencing of a cyclist who ran into and killed a teenager in Buckingham.  Jason Howard was fined £2000 plus costs on conviction for dangerous cycling.

London Cycling Campaign has worked for many years to make the prosecution and sentencing for road crimes reflect the seriousness of injury caused. Until recently prosecutors took no account at all of the injuries caused by dangerous and careless driving. To date legislative and judicial progress has been frustratingly slow.
The parents of Rhiannon Bennett are outraged at the level of sentencing given to their daughter's killer.  Like the families of thousands of other road crime victims each year, they are dissatisfied with the courts' inability to give adequate penalties. 
LCC will continue to work for stronger prosecution and sentencing of all road users who kill or injure other people through dangerous or careless behaviour.  In the past year we have contributed to official consultations on these matters by the Crown Prosecution Service, the Sentencing Advisory Panel and the Sentencing Guidelines Council.