LCC demands Cycle Super-highways, not superficial highways

Cycle Highway inspection

photo "Keep my path free of parked cars and the danger of opening car doors," says LCC's manifesto

LCC is asking London cyclists and Mayor Boris Johnson to sign our Superhighway manifesto.

The manifesto, launched during the week when 50,000 cyclists will enjoy safe cycling streets at Skyride, sets clear quality standards for the mayor's 12 Cycle Superhighways.

LCC chief executive Koy Thomson said, "It is high quality cycle routes not a wash of blue paint which will attract occasional cyclists into regular cycle commuting.

"We're concerned at a weakening of commitment to such quality on the proposed Cycle Superhighways.

"The Mayor needs to step in and make clear that he's aiming for standards that'll be the envy of Europe."

LCC's manifesto (abridged version) states:

I want Cycle Superhighways that...

  1. Make my journey a pleasant experience and not a daily struggle for space.
  2. Give me and other cyclists priority over motor traffic.
  3. Include sections free of motor traffic.
  4. Stop buses, lorries and cars passing too close and too fast.
  5. Keep my path free of parked cars and the danger of opening car doors.
  6. Enable me to cycle at the speed I prefer.
  7. Don't force me to cross lanes of fast-moving traffic.
  8. Do away with hazardous or difficult one-way systems and roundabouts.
  9. Are continuous and don't stop and start.
  10. Allow me to stop at red lights ahead of other traffic and move off first.

Sign our manifesto, and read the full version.