LCC-funded school bags two cycling awards

Tyssen school

photo Tyssen School in Hackney won two awards from its borough for its cycling club

Tyssen Community Primary School in north-east London was celebrating last month after winning two awards from the Borough of Hackney’s School Travel Plan Awards.

The school won two awards:

  1. Modal Shift Award 2009 - Tyssen School achieved a 9% reduction in staff travelling to school by car in one year, awarding them the .
  2. School Travel Plan of the Year Award 2009 - for excellent efforts in encouraging and promoting safe, sustainable travel for their pupils and staff via cycling.

History of Tyssen school's bike club
Since 2006, Tyssen School has been promoting cycling for students, parents, staff, and the local community through its Family Bike Club.

With a highly diverse school and community population, Tyssen School strives to encourage cycling through access to inexpensive bikes and parts, free cycle training, and maintenance workshops.

Using the funding they received from the LCC-run Community Cycling Fund in 2008, Tyssen School bought 25 reconditioned bikes for a bike pool and spare parts to aid their maintenance sessions.

They also used the grant to employ 5 cycle instructors for the 12 weeks of after-school sessions.

The school also has hopes to train two mothers as professional instructors for the children, using their local knowledge to help teach the children in the local community.

Adding cycling to the curriculum
Tyssen School has made the extra effort by integrating cycling into the curriculum. This allows all children to participate, including those with special needs via the use of all-ability bikes.

Through the school, local families are able to purchase affordable bikes and spare parts.

Families who are just starting out cycling can access the pool bikes and once they have built up confidence they are encouraged to buy their own bikes, whether through the school's affordable recycled bikes scheme or from a bike shop.

Awards a fitting rewards for the school
Community cycling administrator Mags Reinig said, "As a result of their continuous efforts, Tyssen School has achieved much more than just awards.

"Through offering training and maintenance sessions, clubs, and events, they've created a cycling community that continues to grow. With more staff, pupils, and parents cycling to school for the school run, Tyssen School will no doubt continue its success.

Congratulations to Tyssen Community School. Keep up the good work!"