LCC helps Wandsworth estate put on fabulous residents' cycling party

Servite community bike week

photo Local kids pose with cycle mechanic Marcus Ahmad at the Wandsworth estate's bike week event

A Wandsworth housing association put on a successful bike week event for hundreds of residents of the Arragon Estate.

Belinda Sinclair, a member of the LCC community cycling team, helped source the project with unclaimed bikes from the police, while Servite Houses offered cycling activities throughout the week.

Expert mechanics from GoByBike came along to help residents fix their bikes and teach those with no previous experience basic maintenance skills.

Community cycling brings broad benefits
Servite Houses' cycling activities are supported by Transport for London’s Community Cycling Fund for London and the Big Lottery fund, both administered by LCC.

Servite pulled out all the stops to create a wonderful community experience during half-term in October, and the week ended with a Halloween ride followed by a party.

Senior resident involvement and community engagement officer Ava Piper said, "The first step was to advertise the community week. We knocked on doors, leafleted, advertised locally, and generally nagged people to come out and get involved with the bike week.

Project volunteers say 'yes' to social cycling
"This week has really created a sense of community. Most of these children have never had a bike before, so to get something that's theirs and that they can ride with other children on the estate is just great."

Two of the project volunteers, Sarah and Carol, who had done most of the legwork were ecstatic.

Sarah said, "It’s been wonderful this week. I think it’s probably been one of the best things we’ve done here. All of the kids had a great time and they’ve all come away with their own bike, which they can use with the other kids to build friendships."

Carol said, "They’ve all had something to do all week, and it’s meant they’ve all mingled and bonded."

Fact file

Project Servite Houses housing association, Wandsworth – community bike week
Awarded £4000 from the Community Cycling Fund for London and Big Lottery
Purpose Encourage estate residents to cycle, and promote cycling as a means of transport, healthy living and social interaction.
Target groups Low income, minority groups/children and families.