LCC helps write outer London cycling-promotion guide

photo A new guide, with contributions from LCC, explains why outer Londoners should cycle more

  • Half of all journeys in outer London are less than 2 miles, which can be covered in around 10 minutes on a bike;
  • One-third of outer London households don't own a car;
  • More than half the residents of outer London boroughs are considering cycling this year;
  • In Sutton, cycling increased by 75% over three years following a smarter travel programme;
  • 10% of rail commuters from Surbiton station switched from car to bike.
Survey data and case studies are just two elements of a comprehensive 50-page illustrated guide on how to boost cycle use in outer London.

The report, called 'Delivering the Benefits of Cycling in Outer London' is a follow-up to the London Councils and LCC 'Barriers to Cycling' report of 2008.

Along with London Councils and LCC, the new report includes contributions from Sustrans and Transport for London. LCC’s input drew on comments from numerous local groups in outer London.

You can download the full report from here.

The report is accompanied by an illustrated summary that can be used to explain the benefits of cycling to councillors and other local politicians.

LCC campaigns manager Tom Bogdanowicz said, "The guide could be used to advocate cycle training in schools, which is under threat across Greater London because ring-fenced central funding is about to stop."