LCC in your area

Southwark Cyclists on a ride to Suffolk Credit: Paul Hayward

Much of LCC's campaigning happens at borough level by dedicated voluntary groups made up of LCC members from each London Borough.

Many of the groups arrange social rides all year round. The rides are free and open to everyone - in most cases you can just turn up and go (ideally, with a pump and spare inner tube).

You get to meet other cyclists and explore parts of London you might not have visited - and there's often a pub lunch involved too.

Local groups have regular meetings, which are open to anybody, especially newcomers.

Ride and meetings are great way to meet like-minded people, or to put forward suggestions for new rides or infrastructure in your area.

You'll likely find your local group at cycling events in your area, holding bike maintenance workshops, organising parties, and so on.

Use the links on the left to find your local group's contact details, and why not have a look at what a neighbouring group is up to, too. (As an LCC member, you're welcome at any local group ride or meeting.)

You'll find links to local group websites and messageboards, so you can have a look at their rides calendar.

On the right are links to the messageboards and the LCC Rides & Events page, which lists many cycling events in London.

London Councils
We thank London Councils for supporting LCC's local group and campaigning activities