LCC launches campaign with Cycle Parking 4 London website

photo Now Londoners can say where they want cycle parking at


LCC has launched its Cycle Parking 4 London campaign with a website that allows cyclists to indicate where they want cycle parking in Greater London. was created in conjunction with the Cyclestreets developers and LCC's webmasters Wholething, with support from Trek UK.


LCC's Mike Cavenett said, "Now anyone can click on a map of Greater London, and indicate where they need more cycle parking.

"There's a massive shortage of on-street, workplace and residential cycle parking, as well as at public buildings and transport hubs.

"That's why we created a tool that allows cyclists to say where they want new facilities to be built, and we'll be passing that information on to decisions-makers.

"The feedback we've had from both cyclists and decision-makers has been very positive so far."