LCC leaflets translated into four languages

A vélo, c'est facile! Lambeth Cyclists launch LCC leaflets in foreign languages

Lambeth is one of the most ethnically diverse London boroughs - 34% of Lambeth's population are from ethnic minorities, with approximately 130 languages being spoken in the borough!

In a bid to widen the appeal of cycling to as many people as possible, we're thankful to Kahya Engler and Zehra Ludlow for coordinating a project to translate a key LCC brochure that Lambeth Cyclists use in its promotion of cycling, called 'Cycling is easier than you think'.

The leaflet has been translated into four languages: Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Yoruba. It is envisaged that posters will eventually compliment the leaflets to be used in libraries, community centres, etc. If you are interested in having some leaflets, get in touch!