LCC member sets world record

Sidney Schuman, a member of LCC’s Lewisham group, has set the 80 to 84 year old one hour cycling record by clocking 28.388 kilometres (17.4 miles) at the Lea Valley Velodrome in the QE Olympic Park Cheered on by family, friends and LCC members, Sidney chalked up 114 laps of the track used for the 2012 Olympics.

Speaking after setting the record, 84 year old Sidney said he hoped it would encourage more 80 year olds to cycle regularly and lead active lives. He attributes his fitness to genes, regular cycling and the care and affection of his family: "Love makes the wheels go round" says Sidney.


Brought up in Hackney, some  two miles from the Velodrome, Sidney has been cycling in London since childhood. He joined a local cycling club and specialised in time trials and hill climbs. He now lives in Hither Green where he used to work as a maths teacher and draughtsman. For the record attempt he rode a standard Condor track bike (as used by all people who hire bikes at the Velodrome) with a slightly higher stem than normal and his own saddle. For regular cycling he rides a London-built Roberts.

The 80 – 84 year old hour record has not been set before and Sidney expects others to beat it. The UCI recognises world records in 5 year intervals and the closest to Sidney’s is the 75-79 record at 35 kilometres set by a 75 year old (9 years younger than Sidney). The nearest (and only current ) age interval above 84 is the 100-104 year old record set by Frenchman Robert Marchand at a remarkable 27 kilometres.