LCC members help build a street-by-street air pollution map of London

In August we invited LCC members to register for free CleanSpace tags to help map London’s polluted air and find how good or bad the air quality is on their journeys. 

The team at CleanSpace would like to thank all the LCC members who joined the Map London campaign. Together, our members are helping build a real-time air pollution map of London to better inform and benefit the public. So far:

  • LCC is the #1 group that has signed up to Map London.
  • LCC members generated over 1 million CleanSpace Tag readings during September – December 2016.
  • 23 LCC members are in the Top 50 users for all of Map London.

With London hitting a ‘black alert’ due to high pollution levels in January, taking action is more important than ever. If you’ve not yet joined the campaign, make sure you sign up to be equipped with your very own air pollution smart sensor!