LCC membership fees

After successfully holding down our membership fees for the last three years, on 1 March we will be increasing our prices in order to both improve the services we offer our members and to strengthen our campaigning activities. 

Great value for money

Membership of the Campaign still represents great value for money with discounts in shops* across the capital, free third party insurance, access to excellent theft insurance and much more. Follow the links on the right for more details.

Continuing to campaign on your behalf

With money raised from your subscriptions we will continue to lobby and campaign on your behalf to improve cycling conditions within the capital. 

In 2005 LCC campaigning saw many great successes such as: securing cycle access to key paths across Tooting and Wandsworth Commons; putting a stop to damaging legislation on bike removal; ensuring provision for cycle users as part of the Olympic programme. 

In 2006, key priorities include ensuring that cycling is high on the agenda for the candidates in London’s local elections and making it easier to take bikes on trains.

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