LCC presents Zone 1 BikeGrid plan to TfL cycling team

photo The BikeGrid is a cost-effective and complete Zone 1 cycle network based on spare road capacity

LCC campaigners have met Transport for London executives to lobby for a Zone 1 BikeGrid.

The BikeGrid is a series of east-west and north-south traffic-calmed or cycle-lane-equipped routes that provide a cost-effective and complete Zone 1 cycle network taking advantage of spare road capacity.

The detailed plans were produced in response to:

  • the lack of any complete east-west or north-south cycle routes in London;
  • scrapping of the London Cycle Network while only 60% complete;
  • the arrival of 6000 new bikes in the Cycle Hire Scheme (summer 2010).
LCC chief executive Koy Thomson said, "TfL has been positive and we hope to work with them to progress these ideas."


This is a start but it is essential for the BikeGrid to be extended to the whole of London. The routes should have a maximum speed limit of 20mph.
Dr A Shah

This sounds like an amazing idea which will benefit all who cycle around the capital.
Eileen Perrier

Using roads to keep costs down may be politically realistic but hugely reduces chance of getting significant switch to bikes. LCC should put more emphasis on reserved track; you're over-influenced by sportif bikers, and do not appreciate how far merely functional bikers and would-be bikers are deterred by the stress of being constantly at risk.

Margaret Dickinson

London needs a decent bike grid in its central area now that the number of cyclists is so enormous. We must press hard for its adoption before the Olympics in 2012.

Richard Aikens

Seems an excellent idea and timely. Impossible to comment on the actual grid unless you give us access to a more detailed map of it.
John Broad

Amazing a world-class city like London doesn't have this already. I hope TFL listens.
Julie Thomas

Sounds like a good idea in theory, but actually I think cyclists are safer when there are lots of us, and we are on the roads, where of course we have a legitimate right to be. How do we balance getting lots of people on bikes by getting them to realise it really isn't dangerous, and not making it more dangerous by getting us 'out of the way' on separate tracks.
Dan Levy

@Dan Levy The BikeGrid is formed largely around calming existing roads in central London, rather than building new segrated facilites.
Mike Cavenett, LCC communications officer

One could automatically create a bike-grid by raising the congestion charge to £100.
Michael, via email