LCC presses for Action following Post-Blackfriars Review

Transport for London must take urgent action in the wake of a major review of its procedures on road schemes and cycling provision.

The independent review by the Transport Research Laboratory for TfL lists 35 recommendations for improvements in TfL standards and procedures and provision for cycling. It was commissioned following the death of a cyclist on Blackfriars Bridge in 2004.

The report is available in the TfL cycles report library.

LCC’s director, Simon Brammer, said

“We welcome TfL’s initiative in commissioning this report and its recognition of the problems. The growing number of people who cycle in London deserve better. This report identifies key changes that TfL needs to make, and we look forward to the promised release of its action plan in February and the delivery of the required improvements after that.”

The key recommendations in the report highlight necessary changes to TfL’s standards and procedures and the way it consults on road schemes. In its response to the report, TfL has promised that it will also address:

  • The lack of consideration for cycle users in road schemes;

  • Gaps in training for officers; inconsistent use of safety audits;

  • Sub-standard bike facilities and the low status of cycle users in highway priorities.

It has additionally said that it will improve conditions for people who cycle on London bridges starting with Blackfriars.

Ian Callaghan, LCC Campaigns chair said

“The Mayor wants to see increased cycle use  because it helps all Londoners by reducing congestion, pollution and improving  people’s health – providing for cyclists cannot just be an afterthought and that’s why the actions that result from this report are critical.”