LCC Project Shortlisted for Excellence in travel information and Marketing Awards 2017

A project conceived by London Cycling Campaign, funded by WestTrans has been shortlisted for the Transport Times ‘Excellence in travel information and marketing awards 2017. This category covers all areas of transport marketing including information, promotion and travel planning.

LCC identified that there was a lack of targeted marketing to 16-25 year olds to encourage different transport choices. WestTrans who, for the past 3 years, supported LCC’s London By Cycle events in Universities and Colleges across West London were keen to try new ways of communicating with this group and suggested that Brunel University London and University of West London are the first pilot sites. The role of West London Student Cycling Champion was born. The champions worked on site purely focussing on improving information and resources around cycling. This included creating a new student friendly brand to raise the visibility of the project on campus. 

Various events to increase face to face interactions with students such as the ‘UWL Shuttle Bike’ acted as an alternative to UWL’s Shuttle Bus to show people who quick it was to cycle between campus. The real bonus of the role was that by being ‘on the inside’ it was much easier to get access to communications and governance channels. We were able to make changes to the Brunel website to improve information and sit in governance meetings to easily set up new projects. At Brunel we launched a ‘borrow a bike’ scheme that hired out bikes to over 70 people and resulted in at least 10% of users decided to buy a bike due to their experience. We produced a Brunel ‘Cycling Vision’ that advised the campus how to improve facilities for cyclists. This quickly resulted in an installation of more bike parking spaces and further improvements to follow. 

The projects demonstrates that with effective and tailored communications you can reach audiences who are already open to change whilst bringing those on the cusp closer to taking the plunge and changing their travel habits!