LCC publishes rejected Bow roundabout design, while Assembly Members ask mayor to explain cycling safety failures

London Cycling Campaign published a design showing how Bow roundabout could have been made safe according to its own recommendations and those of Transport for London’s consultants.

New safety features:

  • Traffic lights at all pedestrian and cyclist crossings, timed so they allow fast and direct passage for people on bikes
  • Off-carriageway bike lanes in all directions
  • Enlarged pavements and reduced roundabout space
  • Sharper turns for motor vehicles to reduce speeds

Please show your support by emailing the mayor

The design features an off-carriageway cycle track to keep cyclists separate from HGVs, buses and cars, along with signalised crossings on the arms of the roundabout that would prevent collisions with left-turning vehicles.

The traffic lights should be phased to minimise the time that cyclists and pedestrians travelling east-west have to wait.

LCC chief executive Ashok Sinha said, “Our diagram shows there’s space for providing both cycle tracks and pedestrian crossings at Bow.

“The Mayor must explain to Londoners why these cost-effective safety measures at Bow were rejected resulting in two avoidable cyclist deaths.”

London Assembly members Jenny Jones (Green) and Val Shawcross (Labour) have also responded to the two recent fatalities at Bow by tabling a motion for 7 December that calls for the Mayor to identify junctions where cyclists have recently been killed, and to explain why proposed safety measures at these locations were rejected.

Safety recommendations for Bow roundabout were rejected by Transport for London, while proposals at several other junctions where cyclists have died in 2011, such as Clapham and Kings Cross, were not implemented.

We’re calling on everyone concerned for cyclist and pedestrian safety to email the Mayor asking him to redesign the Bow roundabout to make it safe.

Motion to the London Assembly, 7 December 2011:

Safety of cyclists on London’s road network

Proposer: Jenny Jones
Seconder: Valerie Shawcross

This Assembly deeply regrets the deaths of cyclists on London's road network and wishes to express its condolences for the loss felt by their relatives and friends.

We are concerned that some cyclist deaths and injuries could have been avoided if the road network designs for the locations where these deaths and injuries occurred had been safer.

We therefore call on the Mayor and Transport for London to:

  • produce a list of the 10 most dangerous locations for cyclists on the Transport for London Road Network (TLRN) and all locations in London where a cyclist has died in the last three years;
  • report on any proposals that were put forward by cycling and road safety groups as part of official consultation processes for redesigning roads at those locations; and  provide the reasons why such proposals were rejected.