LCC response to DfT lorry mirror consultation

The Department for Transport has told the LCC there will be no delay in implementation of new safety mirrors on lorries.

European Union legislation requires lorries over 3.5 tonnes registered from 2000 to have safety mirrors fitted by 31 March 2009. The DfT told LCC, "All vehicles are required to be compliant by 31 March 2009 and confirmation of compliance will begin through the annual test on 1 April 2009."

LCC was responding to a DfT consultation (lasting from June to October 2009) on mirrors which asked questions about whether the cost of the improvements was reasonable.

LCC argued that the consultation should have taken place in 2007 as originally intended by the minister and that any delay in implementation could cost lives.

LCC also told the DfT that the legislation should be extended to lorries registered before 2000 (there are 100,000 pre 2000 lorries on out roads).

You can find the full LCC response to the consultation by following the link on the right.