LCC says TfL board member’s conflict of interest on superhighways must end

London Cycling Campaign is calling for a Transport for London board member to step aside from discussions on the new cycle superhighways scheme due to a clear conflict of interest.

Peter Anderson, Finance Director of Canary Wharf Group PLC – the group behind a damaging and inaccurate briefing against the superhighway proposals – also sits on Transport for London’s board. Mr Anderson is also Chair of TfL’s Finance and Policy Committee – the group that will, in November, decide whether the cycle superhighways should be financed or not.

Rosie Downes, Campaigns Manager at London Cycling Campaign, said: “There is a very clear conflict of interest here. Thousands of Londoners have responded in support of the superhighway proposals; the Mayor of London has said himself that it’s time to reallocate road space; companies like RBS, Orange and Unilever have publicly supported the plans. Yet despite the overwhelming support for the plans, they’re at risk because of one extremely powerful individual who sits on the Transport for London board – whose vision of London does not reflect in any way what the rest of us want to see.

“Sir Peter Hendy has said himself that London will face overwhelming overcrowding. Promoting cycling is essential to keeping London moving. At the same time Canary Wharf Group will be putting countless HGVs on our roads to facilitate the £1.3 billion redevelopment of the Shell Centre. Without protected space for cycling - space that Londoners were promised when they elected the Mayor of London – we will see more deaths on London’s roads. And if that protected space doesn’t materialise due to the vested interests of one board member whose employer is proactively making our roads more dangerous, Transport for London will have some very difficult questions to answer.”

Over 75 leading employers from across the finance, technology, creative, education and healthcare sectors have now supported the plans through the CyclingWorks.London website. David Morley, Senior Partner at leading law practice Allen & Overy, has said: “Like many businesses in London, a growing number of our 1700 London partners and employees cycle to work, including myself. We strongly encourage our people to consider cycling to work. We know many more would do so if they felt more safe on the roads. We welcome any proposal designed to increase the safety of our partners and staff and that makes it easier to get to work using the method they freely choose… We would like to see these plans are delivered without delay."

Over 5000 people have responded to the consultation in support of the proposals through the LCC website at