LCC secures essential review of Cycle Parking Standards in London

The mayor has responded to LCC’s repeated interventions to secure an improvement in Cycle Parking Standards for the capital.

The most recent copy of the capital's key planning document, the London Plan, states (in red) "The Mayor, through Transport for London, intends to carry out a review of cycle parking standards."

In two earlier responses to the London Plan, LCC has argued that the cycle parking standards in the draft Plan were significantly out of date, needing large upward revision to cater for the needs for the thousands of cyclists who need to store bikes at home and at work.

The un-revised standard says, for example,  that colleges have to provide one bike space for every 8 staff or students. In Cambridge the comparable standard is one space for every student.

The London Plan already advises boroughs to follow the specified standards and this would also apply to the revised standards.

A GLA official told LCC that while the mayor can’t dictate to the boroughs, the standards laid out in the London Plan would carry a lot of weight.

LCC is currently lobbying to expedite the review and adoption of new standards, which are well overdue.