London Cycling Campaign supports NCVO letter on government lobbying bill

The Government’s new Transparency of Lobbying Bill, while well intended, raises a serious risk of gagging non-partisan campaigning in the 12 months leading up to elections.

The Bill would set a £390,000 cap on the amount any organisation – excluding political parties – could spend during elections.

If it became law, it's likely our politicians would become less accountable to the public, not more, which would be bad for democracy, and bad for issues of great public importance such as the promotion of cycling.

That’s why we've joined the rapidly growing number of charities and organisations that have co-signed a letter from the NCVO (National Council of Voluntary Organisations) asking the Government to think again.

Greater transparency about who lobbies politicians to influence their decisions is a good thing, but this Bill isn’t the way to do it.

We want the government to rethink and return with proposals that increase transparency but don’t impede the promotion of non-partisan causes by charities at election time.