LCC submits policy recommendations to GLA Transport Committee Investigation into Cycling

In a challenging introduction to our response to the GLA Transport Committee Investigation into Cycling, LCC chief executive Ashok Sinha has called for Boris Johnson to "direct Transport for London to give cycling priority in both time and space over motor traffic as a general rule on London’s streets" (p4).

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While praising past efforts of Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson for helping to promote cycling to current levels, LCC is calling for an "unprecedented show of political will from the Mayor and all London's political leaders" (p5) as the only way to make the capital a city that is cycle-friendly for everyone.

The 24-page response contains 42 policy recommendations to reduce road danger, deprioritise motor traffic, build safe and inviting infrastructure, and engage more constructively with stakeholders.

Building on the principles behind our Love London, Go Dutch campaign, we call on Transport for London road planners to use UK and continental best-practice when designing streets for cycling (p18).

We also call for proper investment to help transform London into a city that is safe and inviting for everyone to cycle.