LCC successfully lobbies for lower speed limit in Greenwich Park

photo MrGiles/Flickr LCC wants one day for all motor vehicles to be excluded from Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park will have its speed limit reduced to from 30mph to 20mph later in 2010, after successful campaigning from Greenwich Cyclists, the local LCC group.

Minister for Culture and Tourism Margaret Hodge announced the measure, which is subject to parliamentary approval.

Anthony Austin of Greenwich Cyclists said, "We’ve campaigned for years for this change, more intensively since a motorist pleaded guilty to causing the death of a cyclist by dangerous driving in June 2007.

The park should be a motor-free zone
"Our ultimate aim, expressed in a recent Cycle Route Inspection Meeting (CRIM) organised by the Royal Parks, is a halt to all through traffic in this park."

Margaret Hodge said the decision was made after careful consideration of all responses to the public consultation on the proposals, a series of meetings with stakeholders, and additional research.

Within 18 months of implementation, research will be undertaken to assess the impact of the changes.
Lewisham and Greenwich Young Cyclists leader Tom Crispin asked as an interim measure that the speed limit be cut to 12mph, as it is in Battersea Park, and for all motorised through traffic banned.

Other measures could help family cyclists
Crispin said, “It's absurd that a recreational area, like the Park, can be used as a rush hour rat-run. However, a 20mph speed limit is a step in the right direction and is very welcome.

“I hope the regulation that allows children under 11 to cycle anywhere in the Park (other than the Flower Garden, Rose Garden and playground) is amended to include accompanying adults.

"I also hope that the absurd ban on cycling along Bower Avenue is lifted."

The Greenwich Safer Parks Panel, which Greenwich Cyclists attends, is asking local MP Nick Raynsford MP to speed up the legislation, after hearing that the imminent general election could cause delay.