LCC supports left turns on red as part of permeability push

Bicycles, Rolling Stops, and the Idaho Stop from Spencer Boomhower on Vimeo.

LCC has welcomed the mayor's proposed law change that could see cyclists allowed to turn left at red traffic lights in London.

However, LCC doesn't consider it a solution to the danger of left-turning lorries (follow the link on the right for more on this very important issue), rather it is one of many badly needed measures to make cycling more appealing to the city population.

London cyclists and pedestrians are workers, business people, service providers and shoppers, just like those in motor vehicles. However, streets are designed largely for the convenience of motor traffic.

Less delays and more direct routes
LCC wants London streets designed for cycling, so they allow the greatest choice of direct and convenient routes with minimum diversion, making a city that's truly 'permeable' to cyclists.

In this context, LCC would welcome a trial allowing cyclists to turn left at red lights; if it could be achieved in a way that guaranteed pedestrian priority and security.

If the trial was successful, we would favour introduction of the ‘Stop, Give Way and Go’ law used in Idaho (see the video above), whereby cyclists are allowed to go through red lights after slowing and giving way to all other traffic. This law is also being proposed in other US states such as California and Oregon.

Making the streets better for cyclists
This law could be introduced alongside other measures that favour cycling 'permeablity', such as two-way cycling on all streets, cycle bypasses at T-junctions, traffic light advantages or green waves for cyclists, and the removal of large gyratories.

This is not what we have now: car-centred traffic management has created thousands of one-way systems, dangerous and intimidating multi-lane roundabouts, and one-size-fits-all rules of the road that put vulnerable users such as cyclists at a disadvantage.