LCC, TfL & Tideway collaborate to keep Superhighway link open

Great news - LCC, TfL (including the award-winning Michael Barratt, Richard Whybrow, Paul Wilson and Luckman Agboola) and engineers at Tideway have collaborated on ensuring the cycling link is properly preserved between the North-South and East-West Cycle Superhighway during Tideway construction works at that site.

Tideway are working next to the old slip road off Blackfriars Bridge down to Embankment that has become part of the Cycle Superhighway there. And they're due to be on site from January all the way to 2021. So that meant some tough choices.

Several options were considered including using temporary concertina barriers and marshals to simply close the Cycle Superhighway every time a lorry crossed the track. But the one that Tideway designed (and huge thanks to them for that) enables lorries to enter and exit the site without interfering with a rerouted Cycle Superhighway link, now on the northern sliproad.

The result is a scheme that means the hugely popular East-West and North-South Cycle Superhighways will continue to work safely throughout construction.

It's our work lobbying developers and TfL that ensures major schemes like this increasingly take into consideration cycling safety and continuity. Please join LCC to help us make sure London gets better for cycling, or if you're already a member, please consider donating to our "Fighting Fund".

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Cycle friendly schemes under threat

Opposition is coming from taxi drivers, anti-cycling councils, and groups of organised and well-resourced NIMBY residents. We urgently need to increase campaigning capacity to fight off these very real threats.

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