LCC urges Londoners to join Space for Cycling protest at Bow roundabout tonight calling for Mayor to take immediate action to make cycling safe

Bow roundabout fatality

Space for Cycling protest, 13th November 2013

The London Cycling Campaign is calling on all Londoners to join our Space for Cycling protest at Bow roundabout tonight (details below), organised in response to yet another death at the failed junction, which still presents a totally unacceptable risk to cycling.

This morning a woman cyclist was dragged under the wheels of a lorry, which appeared to be turning from Bow roundabout on to the southbound A12.

We, like many Londoners, are shocked and angered at what has been the fourth London cycling death in just eight days, and we're calling on the Mayor Boris Johnson to take immediate action to prevent further avoidable deaths - first, by putting in place a safe design for Bow roundabout.

On 13 September 2012, we wrote to Transport for London's Head of Surface Transport Leon Daniels (read the letter) warning of the substantial risk to cyclists from turning motor vehicles at Bow, despite the installation of the 'early start' facility.

LCC's Chief Executive Ashok Sinha said, "Although we don't know the exact circumstances of today's crash, we know it happened just a few metres from where Svitlana Tereschenko was killed in 2011.

"It's unbelievable that we are, again, two years after that death, calling on Mayor Boris Johnson to install cycling and pedestrian-safe traffic lights at Bow roundabout to prevent more Londoners being killed.

"A cyclist-specific traffic lights were recommended by TfL's own consultants before Superhighway 2 was built, but the recommendations of expert consultants, cyclists and pedestrians have been ignored."

LCC says that if the Mayor continues to prioritise motor traffic flow over cycling and pedestrian safety, then more deaths on the roads are inevitable. 

Since before the current design was put in place, LCC has pointed out the major problems with the design:

  • Significant risk to cyclists of being hit by a left-turning vehicle
  • Poor understanding of the traffic light system by all road users
  • Major delays to cyclists, compared with motorists, which encourage people to use the more dangerous flyover
  • No crossing facilities of any kind for people on foot

Details of tonight's protest

  • Assemble from 6pm (for 6.30pm start) on pavement outside McDonalds, and along Payne Road at Bow roundabout (if the roundabout is still closed by the police, we'll assemble as close as possible on Bow Road west side)
  • Please bring lights, candles, placards for this peaceful protest