LCC welcomes greener river crossings, but not Silvertown

From the press release that has just gone out...

The London Cycling Campaign welcomes the announcement from the Mayor that London is set to get a series of much-needed, new and green river crossings that prioritise cycling, walking and public transport.

LCC’s Ashok Sinha said:

“The Mayor’s announcement of new, green river crossings for cycling, walking, DLR and overground  is great news. We’re particularly excited to see plans for a Rotherhithe to Canary Wharf cycle/walking bridge progressing. These crossings will help keep London moving as its population grows - without adding to congestion or pollution - and will make it easier for people to build more physical activity into their daily lives.”

However, LCC remains opposed to the Silvertown Tunnel proposal.

LCC’s Ashok Sinha said:

“Judging by the list of measures to make Silvertown Tunnel ‘greener’ announced today, the plans have not changed radically enough to make them ‘green’ or good for London. Instead they are likely to result in more congestion and pollution.”

LCC is deeply concerned that unless the ‘user charge’ is high enough to avoid adding more motor vehicles to our roads, the tunnel will lead to more motor vehicle trips. This will lead to increased pollution and congestion across London, particularly in the areas around the tunnel entrances, where communities will be blighted. As such the plan will cut across the Mayor’s own ambitions to clean up London’s air with people living nearby bearing the brunt.

Unfortunately, the provision of ‘a bespoke cycle-bus… through the tunnel’ is only provisional and is in any case unlikely to substantially mitigate the rise in motor vehicle trips.