LCC welcomes Mayor's call for improved lorry safety but also calls for Direct Vision lorries and driver training

Direct Vision lorry

The London Cycling Campaign has welcome the Mayor’s announcement to put his weight behind London Council’s proposals to make all lorries in London safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

The new regulations would remove from London streets those lorries that are currently exempt from basic safety equipment such as side underrun bars and European Standard mirrors.

Currently many construction, waste industry and container lorries are not required to meet these basic safety standards.

LCC's Charlie Lloyd said, "We support the Mayor's proposal to close a gap in currrent legislation that allows some construction and container vehicles to operate in London without the most basic safety equipment, such as sideguards and a full set of safety mirrors. 

"However, although we support the gains to be had from these measures, they're likely to be far less significant than if the Mayor ensured that every lorry driver in London had cyclist-awareness training, and every lorry was a 'Direct Vision' model, with larger windows and glass doors, allowing the driver to see cyclists all around the vehicle."

It's appears the Mayor is dropping the lorry-charging scheme, announced last autumn, in favour of an outright ban. 

Of the 14 cyclist deaths in 2013 nine involved large lorries six of which were from the construction or waste industry. The container lorry which killed Philippine de Gerin-Ricard on a Barclays Hire Bike in July was not fitted with side protection bars.