LCC welcomes TfL report recommending 20mph for all London bridges

LCC is pleased that the mayor might make Southwark Bridge a 20mph zone as part of Superhighway 7, but is keen to draw to his attention a report that strongly recommends all central London bridges should be 20mph.

The 2008 Transport for London Bridges Report notes that cyclists crossing bridges are 15% more likely to be involved in a collision than if they are riding on a similar inner city road.

Introducing 20mph limits on 13 central London bridges would reduce casualties by a third, with a net saving to the city of £2 million.

LCC communications officer Mike Cavenett said, "It's common sense that the Thames bridges should have lower speed limits because cyclists simply can't take alternative routes, as they can when avoiding busy roads elsewhere in the city centre.

"They either battle with the fast-moving traffic on the bridges, or they swim.

"Tower Bridge has had successful 20mph speed limit for several years now."

The Bridges Report was only published in December 2008 after persistent lobbying from LCC made it public.

The report uses crash data collected from 2003-06 on 13 London bridges, and includes a detailed cost-benefit analysis for installing average speed cameras across all 13.