LCC will make sure London local councils don't forget cyclists

A new funding arrangement for local government in Greater London - Local Implementation Plans (LIPs) - will determine how councils spend your money in the coming five years.

LCC has put together a 'Rough Guide to LIPs' (download it on the right) to ensure its members and local activists decide know how to ensure that useful cycling measures are included in their borough’s programmes.

Councillors and council officers will be discussing LIPs right now so its worth getting involved in the consultation process.

LCC is pressing for retention of the following funded activities:

  • Cycle training (especially in schools)
  • Cycle parking
  • Cycling and walking greenways
  • Permeability measures (two-way access to all streets especially side streets)
  • LCN+ (London Cycle Network+ routes that remain partially complete following the end of direct TfL funding)

LCC is making the case that cycling measures represent good value in times of austerity.

Cyclists who want to get involved should work with their local group on the borough Local Implementation Plan, but you can also contact your local councillors to find out what’s being done, and pass this on to group members.

Local Development Framework

Local Development Frameworks set the outlines for borough planning and development over the next five years and beyond.

They too are being agreed by boroughs this year and they involve formal consultation.

As with the LIPs, it is important to ensure the cycling is included in the LDF especially matters relating to planning such as requirements for developers to include cycle parking and council plans for a network of cycle routes.

LCC has also produced a 'Rough Guide to LDFs' (download it on the right), which has been distributed to all borough LCC groups.