LCC works with Metropolitan Police to improve safety awareness

Photo Cycling members of the Metropolitan police pose in front of a lorry used to raise cyclist awareness 

LCC joined forces with the police to hand out free cycling safety advice at an event in Russell Square in July 2009.

The police had arranged for a lorry to be parked alongside Russell Square Gardens, giving cyclists the chance to sit in the cab and experience the poor visibility a driver suffers in a typical HGVs.

LCC staff, along with members of Camden Cyclists, LCC's local group, handed out free cycling advice to passers-by, including giving away hundreds of free London cycling maps, 

A Rollapaluza event attracted crowds as people of all ages took turns to race in pairs on two road bikes attached to rollers connected to an oversized distance dial. Races took the form of 500m sprints.

Two bike mechanics provided free bike safety checks and fixed minor repairs.

With the correct advice, anyone can cycle
LCC community assistant Mags Reinig said, "Cycling is basically a safe activity, but there are dangers out there, particularly on the most busy roads and around lorries.

"With the right information, it's easy for adults and children alike to ride safely in London."

PC Chris Davey said, "Our team here today are all cyclists, and we want to help make London streets safer."

After the success of this event, the Met Police plans similar events involving LCC in the future, and is hoping to include universities and colleges in central London too.