LCC's Mayoral and London Assembly Manifesto 2008

LCC's mayoral manifesto has been sent to the 2008 candidates for the London mayoral elections.

The candidates' responses will be published in the April/May edition of LCC's magazine, London Cyclist, which goes out to all LCC members. If you're not a member already, follow the link on the right to join.

The responses from the 2004 mayoral candidates to our previous mayoral manifesto can be seen by downloading the article on the right, from London Cyclist April/May 2004.

London Cycling Campaign Mayoral and London Assembly Manifesto 2008

Achieving a major cultural shift from driving to cycling is central to the development of London as a sustainable, thriving and liveable city.  Cycling must become an everyday way to get around for Londoners, including families and children.

Removing the many barriers to cycling will unleash suppressed demand and offer Londoners real choice. This means changing the status quo in favour of cycling.
With political will and the support of senior transport planners, a transformation akin to that seen in London’s bus services can be achieved for cycling in a single Mayoral term.

10 point plan to transform cycling in London

1. Make 20mph the standard speed limit on London’s streets to reduce road danger and encourage cycling and walking.

2. Make reducing road traffic crime a London-wide policing priority because these crimes lead to the most injuries and deaths.

3. Deliver free on-road cycle training for London’s children, subsidised training for adults of all abilities and compulsory training for highway engineers and transport planners.

4. Return one way systems and streets to two-way operation and create advantages for cycling and walking, thus maximising route choice and minimising diversion. Provide means and incentives for boroughs to support this shift.

5. Ensure high-standard cycle parking is available at every workplace, station and shopping area, as well as in all new homes.

6. Ensure the budget for the completion of the London Cycle Network Plus (LCN+) to a high standard in all 33 boroughs with effective removal of all barriers and the creation of strong network links between boroughs.

7. Adopt ambitious targets to encourage walking and cycling to all events and attractions supported by the Mayor, culminating in the first ‘active spectator’ Olympics in 2012.

8. Create a Paris-style mass cycle hire scheme by 2009 and include all Olympic venues by 2012.

9. Start a major campaign of action against cycle theft including a significant theft reduction target for the Metropolitan Police in every borough.

10. Produce a tube-style map showing strategically important and family friendly cycle routes to encourage Londoners to think of cycling as an everyday mode of transport.

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Comment from Andy:

Excellent piece, this should be a national manifesto for all town centres.

Comment from Anne:

This is fantastic news as I cycle both in and out of London - and I find both quite scary at times despite being a hardened cyclist. We have to somehow address the negative attitudes of a lot of drivers towards cyclist as they can be very threatening at times - drive too close, overtake when they shouldn't etc. and seem to think they own the road.

Comment from Val:

I agree wholeheartedly. Yes yes yes