LCC's Policy Forum: Can you help?

January 2016 will see new Policy Forum members elected. Please get involved and help us shape LCC’s policy agenda and positions.

LCC’s Policy Forum provides advice and input on policy topics from e-bikes to inclusive cycling to protected infrastructure. We meet quarterly and while any LCC member is welcome to attend meetings, only Policy Forum members can vote. Members are elected every two years, apart from two Board nominees (currently Rachel Aldred and Gareth Redmond) elected by the Board after the AGM.


Find out more about us here: . Policy Forum members often have specific areas of interest (or expertise) they can draw upon in shaping our work. Could you help? It involves attending 4-5 meetings annually and if you can, helping outside meetings (for example in helping organise our successful seminar series, or contributing to writing briefing notes).


Caroline Pidgeon addressing a Policy Forum seminar

How the election works

Apart from the two board members, there are seven members of the Policy Forum. This includes two ‘general’ members elected from the whole LCC membership, and five ‘groups’ members elected by the Groups Forum of local LCC group co-ordinators. 

The two general members nominate themselves.

The five groups members should be nominated by an inner London borough co-ordinator (two ‘Inner London’ members), by an Outer London borough co-ordinator (two ‘Outer London’ members), or by any LCC member (one ‘non-group’ member).


What to do

If you’d like to stand: firstly decide if you’d like to be a ‘general’ member or a ‘groups’ member. If you’d like to stand as a general member, you just need to email your election statement to If you’d like to stand as a groups member, you need to email Rachel the election statement plus the name of the person nominating you. Please contact if you have any queries.


The Election Statement should be 150 words or less on why you want to stand for the Policy Forum, focusing on:

(a) What you can offer the Policy Forum in background/experience (which could be within a local group, within another work or volunteering role, etc.)

(b) What areas of interest you would particularly like to pursue within the Policy Forum.

The deadline for nominations is Friday 18th December with elections (by electronic vote) opening after Christmas and taking place in January.