LCCs Retail Network Roundup: A&S Cycles

Whether you’re a newcomer, commuter or a seasoned roadie, one thing every cyclist needs is a good LBS, or local bike shop. LCCs Retail Network brings together the best bike shops across London to give our members exclusive access to get great discounts on repairs, parts, accessories and more! With over 120 shops to choose from, we're kicking off our Retail Network Roundup series as a way to help you find your favourite LBS and get to know some of the faces behind
the workstands. 

For our first installment of LCCs Retail Network Roundup series we met up with Shameem Vesamia, owner of A&S Cycles, located on Chatsworth Road in Lower Clapton. The shop has been operating for about 30 years, and specialises in offering a wide selection of bikes and accessories as well as providing a range of services and repairs. 

What's your favourite thing about cycling in London? 

One of my favourite things about cycling in London is to be able to enjoy the environment; whether it’s on your way to work or a leisurely ride, the experience of the fast changing environment on the roads has been incredible over the years. Watching fellow cyclists increase in numbers and meeting like-minded people is also a sure way of forming new friendships. 

What's your best customer story or strangest repair question you’ve gotten in the shop? 

We have many favourites! To be honest, everyone that comes in has a unique personal story, whether it’s sad or happy, and at the core of this story is cycling which binds everyone together. 

Saying that – the strangest repair question we’ve gotten was to blow up a mattress! 

What tips would you give to anyone thinking about getting into cycling in London? 

I think if you’re new to cycling and finally venture into it, why stop there? Push yourself to learning new skills; like how to fix a puncture for example. Cycling will help you gain new life skills and broaden your knowledge, helping you to become more independent. 

How do you feel cycling in London has changed over the last 30 years? 

I would not entirely say cycling has changed over a number of years. People’s attitudes have changed. 

People from all backgrounds have a better understanding and recognition of the importance of cycling on a wide scale, be it the environment, health or social reasons, the commitment is there for a change for a better, safer and more fun experience that’s tailored to the individual rider. 

But I suppose the main change has been the increase of cyclists on the roads of London.  

Do you run any workshops or events that cyclists should know about?

We don’t run any workshops at present. We do, however, have quite a few charity events that run throughout the year in memory of my late husband and local resident Solly Vesamia who passed away in 2013 and founded A&S Cycles.  

Everyone loves their LBS, but why do people in Clapton love A&S Cycles? 

I think for us what remains at the heart of our store, would be the people! 

Our passion and motivation are the people within our community and beyond. Change is necessary with the pace that cycling in growing at. At A&S, we aim to tirelessly commit to serving the local community from the early riders at balance bike stage to the senior gents and ladies learning a new skill, because it’s never too late to start cycling. 

Ultimately, we’re trying to make a difference where at all possible. We try to engage customers and make them feel that they’re a part of something…and hopefully giving them something memorable in return. 


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