Lea Bridge Conservation Volunteers

Lea Bridge Conservation Volunteers is a local conservation group working to improve and protect wildlife areas in North East London. They used an LCC grant to purchase a bike and trailer to allow the group to replace their transit van to carry project equipment to and from worksites.

Project outcomes –
Financially, LBCV saves money from reduced vehicle hire and diesel costs, allowing more funds to be invested in core activities like training for volunteers, buying equipment and outreach work.

The bike trailer enables LBCV greater access to many sites and has reduced their impact on the nature reserves and local environment by cutting air and noise pollution levels.

The bike trailer initiative has provided a promotional opportunity. Local people are interested in the bike trailer and it’s load and often stop to find out more. This is helping to recruit new members, raise the profile of the group and demonstrate how cycling can be a practical way to move around.

Cycle use and its benefits are being promoted to group members. Two members have since returned to cycling after many years because of the inspirational effect the project has had and the informal advice and support leaders have given.