Master frame builders at Roberts Rendezvous 13th June, Guildhall Yard, City of London

Three legends at Roberts Rendezvous - 13 June,  Guildhall Yard

Three, award-winning,  frame building masters are coming to the Roberts Rendezvous cycle rally on Wednesday June 13th at Guildhall Yard ((EC2V 7HH) in the City of London (4pm -7.30pm). Roberts’ owners and fans are welcome at this free event.

Geoff Roberts, son of the Roberts founder Charlie Roberts, Winston Vaz and Adrian Parry all worked at Roberts Cycles for many years and built frames that not only looked exquisite but also won  frame building awards, bicycle races and world championship titles.

(Photo courtesy Geoff Roberts) Geoff Roberts started working wih his father as a teenager brazing racks in the basement of the family home (21 Trewsbury Road – as inscribed on original frame badges). He went on to build frames for top riders and club cyclists in the UK and the US for Roberts. He subsequently took over the workshop of another great south London builder, Ron Cooper, and they worked together building very fine custom frames.  He currently has his own workshop, Geoff Roberts Frames, and also teaches frame building.

Winston Vaz started his frame building career at Holdsworth in South London before moving to work for Roberts just as mountain biking was taking off. Winston built iconic off-road models like the White Spider, DOGSBOLX and the Rough Stuff marking most of them with his signature scalloped sleeve on the seat tube. His new workshop, Varohna, is based in Hither Green.

Adrian Parry worked alongside Winston Vaz in the Roberts workshop and displayed outstanding skills in building beautiful road frames out of the hard-to-work stainless steel tube sets from Columbus and Reynolds. Since the closure of Roberts he has worked for the Nerve workshop near Brighton.

We are expecting all three master builders to attend the Roberts Rendezvous to which all Roberts’ owners and fans, as well as riders of any bike built by the Roberts team (see below), are warmly invited. The event is free but please register by sending an email to with Roberts in the subject line.

Bikes made by Roberts’ builders  (aside from Roberts, Chas Roberts and Geoff Roberts)  include the brands Charles Davey, Claud Butler, Holdsworth, WH Holdsworth, Freddie Grubb, Geoffrey Butler, Phoenix, Pearson, Condor, Evans, Varohna and Nerve.