Less traffic - happy cycle users

Enjoyable, wonderful, a delight - just some of the words used by people cycling to describe the first day of congestion charging. Here's what they said:

“This has been the best day in London cycle commuting history. A wonderful journey (aided by half term week) - it was like cycling on a busy Sunday. I urge all commuters with bikes to try out cycling to work, now that significantly fewer cars are on the road.”

“My normal 20 minute journey took a little under 15 minutes. Inside the congestion charging zone was devoid of cars. Quite heavenly. Roads felt more like a very early Sunday morning. After today's experience I am even more in favour of the congestion charging scheme.”

“Fantastic. Noticeable improvement in air quality. Much quieter. Much safer. Much more civilised. Why didn't we do this years ago?!?!?”

“Less traffic than usually expected during school holidays. Noticeably more bikes. Much more enjoyable.“

"I thoroughly enjoyed cycling to work through Westminster this morning. There was, without doubt, a lot less traffic within the Congestion Charging Zone which made the whole experience of cycling more pleasurable. I felt safer and there even seemed to be less pollution!!”

“I rode into town this morning from Streatham, via Kennington Road, passing the Congestion Charge boundary at c.8.15am. It was a delight. There were fewer cars on the road even than on a normal school holiday. The rush hour had evaporated. As a result my ride in was quicker, easier and considerably less stressful than usual. I saw a lot of other equally happy cyclists.”

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