LEZYNE Classic tools, £17.99, www.upgrade.co.uk

They say ‘chain rod’, I say ‘chain whip’; they say ‘pedal rod’, I say ‘pedal spanner’... whether you agree with the German-founded, American-based manufacturer on name, one’s thing’s not in doubt — these wood-handled workshop tools are real beauties. The pedal spanner (rod)’s just over 14in long, with two offset 15mm slots, meaning you get both great leverage and the CNC-machined steel head’s always in the right place no matter the angle of the pedal flats. There’s an integrated bottle opener for party tricks too.

The chainwhip (rod) has a custom chain attached, allowing 8/9/10- speed compatibility, plus there’s the usual lockring tool. The shaped handles look even better after grubby mechanic mitts have been at them, but if you prefer there’s CNC versions of each for £26. JK

PROS build quality, value
CONS none — they’ll last for years