Liveable London conference announced

LCC has partnered with the Dutch Embassy to create the new invite-only "Liveable London Conference" on 13 June for council officers, as part of the City of London's City Cycling Festival.

The conference, sponsored by ofo and Rosehill, is set to deliver vital expertise to borough officers on how, why and where to plan and deliver "Liveable Neighbourhoods", and how to make sure they're suitably high-quality to help make sure they deliver real benefits to residents on cycling, walking, public transport and reducing motor traffic dominance.

The joint LCC and Living Streets local election campaign in 2018 asked council leaders to commit to making and delivering a high-quality Liveale Neighbourhood bid. And well over half of leaders pledged to do so.

What's a Liveable Neighbourhood?

TfL's Liveable Neighbourhoods programme is a funding stream that boroughs can apply for to improve cycling and walking in their borough. This successor to the "mini-Holland" three boroughs lets councils bid for up to £10 million of funding for town centres, residential areas, transport hubs and other neighbourhood schemes. The event will include international experts and LCC campaigners who will provide an overview of the different approaches to Liveable Neighbourhoods. The event will also launch LCC & Living Street’s Low Traffic Neighbourhoods guidance.

Are the relevant officers in your borough set to attend? Make sure you've passed their details to our campaigns team and contacted the officers to check they've had an invite.

Also in the City Cycling Festival

The festival runs 13-15 June and also includes the International Cycling History Conference, industry debates, the LCC Cycling Awards 2018 and a Roberts bikes showcase.