Lobby your MEP to vote for safer lorries

Cyclists need more protection from HGVs

Help LCC lobby for new laws requiring all lorries to be fitted with mirrors

London Cycling Campaign is urging cyclists to help lobby for new laws requiring HGV lorries to be fitted with mirrors to give a better view of cyclists and pedestrians. Send a letter to your MEPs by downloading the form on the right.

Across Europe 400 people a year have lost their lives because they were not seen by lorry drivers. In London, more than half of cyclist fatalities involve lorries, mostly turning left at junctions.

An EU directive passed in 2003 means that new trucks over 3.5 tonnes must now fit the trucks with effective mirrors, but more than five million trucks in the EU still pose a risk to cyclists and other road users.

Another EU directive has now been proposed to require all trucks to be fitted with the mirrors. LCC is urging its members to write to their local MEPs to support the proposal.

The Minister of State in Ireland’s Department of Transport, Ivor Callely said  "The cost of retrofitting a HGV with a safety mirror can be as little as a tank of diesel.”

We have prepared a template letter or email which you can use or adapt, download it from the link on the right. Please take the time send an email or letter to your MEP. You can find contact details for MEPs in London on the right.

The UK government and European Council of Ministers is trying to delay implementation of the new rules. That delay could cost hundreds of lives. Our government  commissioned the original research which showed the benefits of additional mirrors, with Denmark, Belgium and The Netherlands subsequently acting on the recommendations; but the UK government has not taken action since the report was presented in 1999.

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