Local campaigners help lift cycle ban in Waltham Forest park

photo suburbanslice The William Morris Gallery is one location that you'll now be able to reach by bicycle

Lobbying by Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign (WFCC) is helping to open up Lloyd Park to cyclists.

The much-loved Lloyd Park (containing the William Morris Gallery) and Aveling Park in Walthamstow are being redeveloped with Lottery funding over the next year.

Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign (WFCC) successfully lobbied to get several paths in the park redesignated as shared use for cyclists and walkers.

The routes include the vital 'Clay Path' through-route, used by cyclists avoiding the perilous Forest Road and the convoluted one-way system to the north of Lloyd Park.

Current cycling ban is being overturned
Cycling is currently banned throughout Lloyd Park, despite their being a BMX/skate park and Clay Path often being used by cyclists, including parents dropping off children by bike at Lloyd Park Centre nursery.

During the redevelopment consultation, which initially neglected cycling facilities, WFCC successfully argued that shared-use paths would encourage good cycling behaviour.

WFCC is now suggesting the council carries out a William Morris-inspired competition to design the in-park cycling racks.

The group is also offering expertise to ensure good route design, to liaise with stakeholders such as the Low Vision Forum, and to develop a code of conduct for users.

For more information visit www.wfcycling.org.uk.