Local free magazine in Richmond apologises for claiming "the only good cyclist is a dead one"

Bike shop chain Moores Cycles, based in south-west London, has said it won't be advertising again with Richmond Magazine after the freebie publication's September editorial (above) claimed "the only good cyclist is a dead one".

The deeply unpleasant phrase was used in an article by editor Richard Nye, who was pontificating in what he clearly thought was a humorous way about Team GB's spectacular cycling successes.

Sadly, a 79-year-old man was killed in nearby Walton-on-Thames this week, after being hit by a skip lorry.

LCC, along with many other cyclists, wrote ro Mr Nye this week to protest at the offence caused to the family and friends of the 15 or so Londoners who die each year on the capital's streets.

Sigma Sports, a bike store based in Kingston, also reported cancelling its winter advertising campaign with magazine and online publisher Sheengate, for whom Nye works.

Editor Richard Nye said, "...if there are individuals out there who have suffered a painful loss as a result of a cycle accident, then to those individuals I am very sorry and it certainly wasn’t anywhere in my thoughts at all to think about cycling fatalities when I wrote that line."

The comments - which have been reported nationwide via social media, the cycling press and The Times online - have turned into a PR disaster for the publisher.

The power of social media has been demostrated amply recently as Dennis Publishing, Addison Lee and BikeRadar have been forced to backtrack on ill-advised statements.

Danny Williams of the excellent Cyclist in the City blog, comments that attitudes like Nye's are likely to remain entrenched until there's effective segregation of bicycle and motor traffic on busy roads where conflicts are likely.