Advice for travelling around London during 2012 Olympic Games

During the Olympics and Paralympics the bicycle will remain the best and most reliable and fun way to get around London, to visit the games and especially to get to Olympic cycling events.

•    Getting around London (and new cycle parking locations)
•    Getting to the games (including led rides)
•    Olympic cycling events

When you ride

Prepare Make sure your bike is in good condition. It will not just make your journey safer but much more fun and effortless.

Use our journey planner or the London Cycling Guides and check for closures and diversions.

Don’t rush The streets will be busy. Take it easy and hold back to avoid conflict. It will make you and others more relaxed and you won’t lose that much time. It is always a good idea to get cycle training.

Take extra care around lorries Drivers of large vehicles will find it difficult to see you. Help them by staying away from the danger zone near the front left of the vehicle. A wide gap between the vehicle and the kerb is often an indication that the driver intends to turn left. Information about HGV safety.